Introduction to Test Driven Development in .NET

Testing has always interested me to some degree. Not from the perspective of manual testing or quality assurance, but from the perspective of the developer behind the desk who just wrote the code. How can a developer, who is accountable…
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Custom Window Chrome in WPF

About a month ago I posted a teaser video that I would be doing a screencast on developing a fully functional custom window chrome for WPF. Well, it’s here. I did miss my mark by 8 days though, I had…
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Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 CTP 2

I missed the punch (original source), but on January 30th Microsoft announced the release for Visual Studio Update 2 CTP 2, which brings four key areas of improvement. Agile Planning Quality Enablement Line of Business Development Developer Experience Agile Planning…
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MVVM Session 01 – 02 Demo Source Code downloads.

I have received several comments and emails requesting the source code downloads for both Session 01 and Session 02 of the MVVM series on my YouTube channel. They are listed below. DCOMProductions.MvvmDemo DCOMProductions.MvvmDemo (Session 2)