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My name is David Anderson. I’m currently the Director of Software Development at AccuSystems, LLC where I lead the development teams in delivering software solutions to community banks around the country. This blog is not affiliated with AccuSystems or the work I do there, but will be where I publish articles and resources for other developers to use and learn from. As of this writing I have been developing software for over ten years in the Microsoft technology space and I hope to share valuable information and resources from my experiences building software of various kinds.


  1. Victor Vorobyev

    Unfortunately it is almost impossible to read any text on your web site due to the dark scheme. Please provide “turn on the light” button to be able to find anything. Thank you!

  2. Herri

    Hi David,
    thanks for the video ‘WPF MVVM – Working with dialogs’. Very interesting.
    Although it works fine, I was trying to add an application-wide window style (declared in App.xaml). But all I got was an resource not found exception. How should I do this?

    Thanks a lot in advance.



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