Persistence Ignorant Architecture with Entity Framework ORM.

I finished the screencast and have uploaded it to YouTube here. I also have attached the source code to this blog post, but I wanted to comment on a few post-video changes I have made.

[csharp title="In Northwind.Data.Entity.EntityDataContext.cs"]providerConnectionString = String.Empty;

if (String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(providerConnectionString)) {
throw new System.NotImplementedException(Properties.Resources.ConnectionStringNotSet);

I removed App.config from the project (which was never needed). You will need to set the connection string yourself, and I added the code to throw an exception with a reminder in case you forget. You should be able to use the Create Database from Model feature in the Entity Designer, but I was having troubles in the screencast so I created the tables manually.

Screencast Demo Code
Visual Studio 2010


  1. Brian Stensrud

    HI again — just ran the executable from the Debug folder — almost instantaneous — I’m going to assume that the slowness is all caused by the VS IDE and accompanying design time ‘baggage’
    — ?? sound right to you ??

    thanks again

    1. David Anderson (Post author)

      The slowness you are experiencing is likely from network latency or resource issues. There isn’t anything special about the code, it’s just normal inheritance/encapsulation.

  2. Brian Stensrud

    Hey David,

    just went through your tutorial — found it to be excellent .

    My question pertains to the loading of data — still using the console app to bring back the first record ( although I updated all of the code to use my own db ) and it takes about 5 seconds just to retrieve the 1st record ).

    Any thoughts on why this architecture ( if it is the architecture ) is causing data retrieval to be this slow?

    many t.i.a.

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